Olivier Desmet

House-heads of Denver, prepare yourself for a treat. Belgian-born house maestro Olivier Desmet makes his first Colorado appearance to promote San Francisco Sessions Vol. 6, his latest mix for the fabled Om Records label. Desmet is a champion of the signature Om sound: melodic, sophisticated deep and funky house studded with horn stabs, soulful vocal samples and intricate, groovy percussion loops. In his DJ mixes, Desmet favors intimate-sounding records with killer bass lines that carry the hooks — the perfect thing for old-school house lovers who don't need to be hit over the head with flashy production tricks to appreciate a great track. Desmet's keen ear has served him well as the head of Amenti Music, his record label, and in his own productions and remix work, which have made their way into the record boxes of celebrated DJs including Mark Farina, Derrick Carter and DJ Sneak. Check out Desmet's sound on a number of free mixes found at www.OlivierDesmet.com, then catch him at Denver House Authority (2930 Larimer Street) this Saturday, January 19.


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