Orbit Service plays the Walnut Room on November 12

Since the last half of the '90s, the music of Orbit Service has been through a few different permutations, from early soundscaping experiments to blissed-out space rock to deeply introspective psychedelia — all of it informed by the dark shadings of Randall Frazier's colorful imagination. This year, Orbit Service (due at the Walnut Room on Saturday, November 12) is finally putting out the followup to its exceptional 2006 album, Songs of Eta Carinae. The new record, A Calm Note From the West, out on Legendary Pink Dots label Beta-lactam Records, realizes Frazier's vision of atmospheric music operating on a purely emotional level without the rockist elements of old. If you're looking for the kind of show that takes you on a journey through inner space, beyond the places where the logical mind reigns supreme, this is it.


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