Over the weekend: Dethklok at the Fillmore

Over the weekend: Dethklok at the Fillmore
Dethklok (Aaron Thackeray)

Dethklok, Mastodon, Converge and High on Fire
Saturday, October 10, 2009
Fillmore Auditorium
Better than:
Seeing the Archies, Alvin and the Chipmunks or any other cartoon rock band

"There sure are a lot of nerds here for a heavy metal show," said a friend while overlooking the sea of fist-pumping, metal-crazed fans covering the floor of the Fillmore on Saturday night. With acts such as the seminal hard-core outfit Converge and reigning metal kings Mastodon on the same bill, you'd expect the crowd to take on a different, perhaps tougher complexion. So why all the nerds?

Although plenty of folks were on hand to see those two acts and High On Fire, the main attraction was Dethklok, an act who, its earliest inception, was made up entirely of cartoon characters and was featured on the Adult Swim show, Metalocalypse. On the show, Dethklok plays the role of the biggest heavy metal band on the planet, a band whose fame is so massive, it is described as "the world's greatest cultural force." Playing before a near capacity crowd at the Fillmore, the real Dethklok wasn't far off from achieving this.

Over the weekend: Dethklok at the Fillmore
Brendon Small of Dethklok (Aaron Thackeray)

It was hard to look at the spectacle and not laugh at the ridiculousness of it all. Brendon Small has to chuckle inside every time he plays. A cartoon-drawing, Berklee College of Music graduate is now fronting one of the most popular metal bands on the planet. It remains to be seen if Dethklok will become a cultural force whose fans will literally die to see them. Then again, considering the fans that nearly froze to death outside the Fillmore, it may happen sooner than later.


Personal Bias: I think Mastodon is the best metal band playing music today
Random Detail: The bass player for Dethklok plays the same kind of bass as William Murderface, only real.
By the Way: A guy dressed as Metalocalypse favorite Dr. Rockzo walked by the line outside prompting numerous people to yell, "I do cocaine!"

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