Over the Weekend: Hello Kavita CD release at the hi-dive

Over the Weekend: Hello Kavita CD release at the hi-dive

Hello Kavita, Houses, It's True
October 23, 2009
Better Than:

Omaha band It's True started things off with some sweet 'n simple melodies and starry-eyed vocals.  They cranked the feedback a bit because they're no pushovers, but theirs was certainly the odd performance out on a night of retro feel-goodery.

Over the Weekend: Hello Kavita CD release at the hi-dive
Hello Kavita (Doug Beam)

Hello Kavita makes use of a couple violins, which pair extremely well with Corey Teruya's honey vocals. We're not exactly making any revelations in likening this stuff with '70s radio gold; the band said themselves they were influenced by Big Star and Fleetwood Mac. We've made the incredibly apt Wilco comparison before -- a couple tracks on the new album would fit right in on Summerteeth, and that is an incredibly good thing.

They were selling the aforementioned album for a very reasonable $5 at the show, although they made a point of telling the crowd that they cared more about getting the music out there than the money. Donations of any amount got you To A Loved One on Friday. Our copy is already getting worn out.

Personal Bias:
Houses is one of my favorite two or three Denver bands, and Hello Kavita isn't far behind.
Random Detail: Hello Kavita summoned Houses back onstage for a cover of Neil Young's "Alabama," and it was awesome.
By The Way: I wouldn't bet against either band in a local music basketball tournament. They've got some height and, especially in the case of Houses, considerable depth. Plus, they (mostly) all seem fairly athletic. Can we somehow arrange this?

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