Over the weekend: Nobunny at Denver Creative Co-Op Studio

Over the weekend: Nobunny at Denver Creative Co-Op Studio
Thee Goochi Boiz

Nobunny, Thee Goochi Boiz, Lust Cats of the Gutters, Shanty Vamps, the Manxx
Friday, August 21, 2009
Denver Creative Co-op Studio
Better than:
A persistent case of scabies

I didn't get to the show Friday night in time to catch opening act The Manxx, but I certainly didn't leave thinking I'd had anything short of enough garage rock. If the MC5 itself had played a nine-hour set in the prison cell of my own personal hell, I couldn't have left more satiated.

Okay, it wasn't that bad. It wasn't bad at all, really. But I was tired, and the warehouse was really hot.

Over the weekend: Nobunny at Denver Creative Co-Op Studio

If Goochi Boiz established the Black Lips factor, Nobunny upped it by ten, albeit with less of the disgusting and more of the just strange. Performing in a, um, bunny mask, one kneepad, one women's shoe, and no pants, Nobunny's attire far outstripped the weirdness of his sound, which was similar in tone and influence to that of Thee Goochi Boiz, except for more polished and rehearsed. It was garage rock well done, and though I was tired and a little garage rocked-out, I couldn't help a little dancing.

Personal Bias:
I am a sucker for weird-ass stage antics
Random Detail: There happened to be two other Westword folks at the show--Tom Murphy and Noah Van Sciver
By the Way: Rock n Roll Adventure Kids was scheduled to play as well, but didn't--the reason for their absence wasn't clear.

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