Over the weekend: Sun Circle at Glob

Over the weekend: Sun Circle at Glob
Epileptinomicon (Tom Murphy)

Sun Circle, Epileptinomicon, Temples, Sterile Garden and nervesandgel
Friday, November 20th, 2009
Better Than:
A noise show comprised entirely of purist noise projects.

Epileptinomicon opened the show with just Mike Reisinger feeding his vocals through a series of effects pedals into the PA. The result was an amplified white noise with harmonic low end pulsing in the background that recalled a giant vacuum cleaner with the tone somehow pitched down and of a distant strike at a bowling alley with the sound of the pins falling at once somehow sustained.

Over the weekend: Sun Circle at Glob
nervesandgel (Murphy)

Dedicating his set to having seen the movie New Moon, nervesandgel played a single piece that contained a few different movements. Cycling shimmers of sound melted into one another in the beginning, sounding not unlike the music you'd expect to hear inside the stone head of Zardoz as it floats on to The Tabernacle. One section of music was like a giant, electronic pinball game and another was pure orchestral synth music that sounded like a soundtrack for a visionary, science fiction epic of the distant dystopian future.

Personal Bias:
I like anything a little weird and unconventional.
Random Detail: It was six projects in two and a half hours.
By the Way: Noise has been a part of far more conventional music for well over a decade.

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