Over the weekend: Syndrome of a Down, Dugout Canoe, Talk Normal and Zombie Bite at Rhinoceropolis

Syndrome of a Down
Syndrome of a Down
Tom Murphy

Syndrome of a Down, Dugout Canoe, Talk Normal and Zombie Bite
Saturday, November 28, 2009
Better Than:
A show where the experimental bands are experimental in the same way.

Playing it's second show, Syndrome of a Down was a duo comprised of two guys using the pseudonyms "Reeves Impediment" and "Jean-Luc Retard." Before things got started, "Jean-Luc" told us it was going to be 21 minutes, to which "Reeves" added, "You're going to wish you had never been born. It's 21 minutes of your life you'll never get back." The guys then sang along to pre-recorded songs including "Mary Had a Little Lamb" and one by Charles Manson. The vocals were pitch-shifted low and high and done in an intentionally slow manner as though a tape machine battery was dying, and it was somehow hilariously bad.

Zombie Bite
Zombie Bite
Tom Murphy

The night ended with Minneapolis' Zombie Bite, which was basically one guy using three pedals to create an advancing wall of sound: High frequency howls sang over motorlike, cycling low tones that rode underneath an ambient hum like the voice of a letter sorter. There was a motion suggested by the mixture of sounds that gave it a powerfully present feel. Later on, the vocals mixed in like a ghostly creature of Native American folklore, a wendigo, lamenting some mysterious discontent. At the end, the whole sprawling ghost/soundscape spiraled down into a vortex that faded all the sounds like it was going down some cosmic drain.

Personal Bias:
I'm a big fan of Dugout Canoe.
Random Detail: Zombie Bite had played a house show with Page 27 in Boulder the night prior.
By the Way: Wet Hair's van broke down in Wyoming and thus couldn't make the show.

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