Over the Weekend: The Bottesini Project at Notably Fine Audio

Over the Weekend: The Bottesini Project at Notably Fine Audio
Jon Solomon

Wayne opened the second piece with percussive harmonic tapping on his bass. Feder joined then joined in by using mallets on the top of her guitar's body while Riola delivered some breathy tenor work. Green, surrounded by a multitude of guitar effect pedals, created some brilliant reversed guitar loops that later disintegrated into some wonderful textural volume swells a la Bill Frisell. Somewhere in the midst of all of this, Bricker summoned a beat that recalled Another Green World-eraBrian Eno. Harris started tapping his alto sax to the beat, Feder started tapping her fretboard while Taylor and Riola traded off lines. After Bricker switched off the drums, the other players kept the pulse going with sort of sidewinding, angular March of the Munchkins kind of thing with Riola laying out some bluesy lines over it. It was brilliant. After finishing the tune, Riola said the piece was titled "Anterior Lateral View."

The last piece began with Harris humming into his sax, almost chant-like, while Green created some gorgeous ambient echo-laden guitar washes and Taylor sounded more like a guitarist by running his lap steel through distortion. After Bricker played rain forest samples, the group locked into a groove anchored by Wayne thumping bass that just kept intensifying for maybe five minutes or so until they all stopped.      

PERSONAL BIAS: I've seen the Bottesini Project perform with many different line-ups, but this was one of the group's most engaging sets.   
RANDOM DETAIL: Although the group only played three long pieces, they each sort of felt like suites.
BY THE WAY: While Naima's Grass Pajamas for sale at the show, the official street date is October 27.

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