Over the Weekend: The Pirate Signal at the Marquis Theater

D. Allie and Dante
D. Allie and Dante

Beretta's unobtrusive yet creative set warmed the stage for the appearance of Detroit rappers D. Allie and Dante, two exceptionally hardworking MCs who deftly balance between good-time party music and conscious rap. As the only out-of-towners on the bill, the Michiganders were at a distinct disadvantage, but they overcame it with easy stage charisma, impassioned delivery, forceful flow and an irrepressible sense of fun. Most important, the visitors made sincere efforts to connect with the people of Denver. Dante wrote names on the back of his hand so that he could shout them out from the stage. He also led the crowd in a little Stroll-like slide step, choreographed to James Brown's "Please Please Please," for no reason other than crowd engagement. Both rappers ended up in the crowd at various points during their sets, and could be seen before and after the show, talking to random passersby on the street, handing out postcards, stickers, T-shirts and even CDs while getting to know folks and being good-natured hustlers. These talented, talkative wordsmiths definitely made their mark on Denver.

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