It's too bad that the title Headphone Masterpiece has already been claimed, because that's a perfectly fitting description of what Overcasters have delivered here. Actually, check that: Headphones merely allow you to better absorb and appreciate the nuances. Fact is, this record would sound utterly sensational on a pair of rinky-dink computer speakers. As compelling as Kurt Ottaway's past endeavors were — up to and even including past recordings from this band — they've all led to this shining moment. Curses//Prayers is a breakthrough record for Overcasters that not only represents its finest and most memorable songwriting to date, but also marks the group's strongest performances yet: Ottaway's voice sounds notably more expressive and confident over the jagged and careening guitars, which blend together with swirls of unrelenting feedback to create a dense pall, carried by persistent bass lines and powerful drumming.

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