Early on, P-Nuckle — which frequently shared stages with the likes of Slightly Stoopid and the Expendables when those acts were still making their way up – earned a reputation for being a party band. And while that rep was well deserved then and is still accurate today, especially in a live setting, P-Nuckle is much more than that. The substantive musical and lyrical progression that began with 2009's Stand Up continues seamlessly on The System. Despite several lineup changes over the years, the core duo of frontman Chris LaPlante and guitarist Dave Jackson has remained steadfast, continuing to refine the act's reggae, dub-heavy sound. The System, which features Squidly Cole and General Smiley and flirts favorably with dubstep on tracks like "Roots Operator," boasts a mature, smooth and cohesive sound that recalls outfits like Inner Circle.


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