Pacific Pride

On songs like "Left-Right," Pacific Pride sounds like a conjunction of the Buzzcocks and Pavement, with simple lyrics worthy of sarcastic Devo slogans. And yet there's something exuberantly un-ironic about the way Pacific Pride plays its music. There's no tongue-in-cheek, even with a song titled "Yankee Soda." Paul Garcia comes off like a latter-day Jonathan Richman in his ability to that tell a story through observational quips that could easily be snippets of overheard conversation hashed together Brion Gysin-style. "Sack Adventurous Garbage Food" picks up with the concluding whistles of "Yankee Soda" and brings them into a field of resonating sounds, like motes of sunshine sparkling off the leaves of trees after a sudden and fleeting rainstorm — perfect for a collection of dreamily refreshing pop songs.


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