Dear Palisades,

Do you like me? Please check yes or no. I know we don't know each other very well, but with your bubblegum charm and my awkward posture, I think that we could make a good team. Whenever I listen to your sweet pop melodies, it makes me daydream of Kevin Arnold's voiceover from The Wonder Years. Like sitcom junior high, you are everything aurally serene about adolescent crushes and summertime lemonade. If you don't want to move this fast, then maybe we can just slow dance a bit when you play Friday, May 19, at Three Kings Tavern with your friends Voices Underwater and Adam Pedersen. Or maybe we can just sit in your room and hold hands while listening to some of your new recordings. I heard that you have been working hard on a full-length, with hopes that it will be ready by late summer. I can't wait.


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