Paper Bird

A good chunk of Paper Bird's new album has already been released. In the Internet age, this may not seem uncommon, but in the case of Paper Bird, it's because five of the songs on When the River Took Flight (due to be issued on Friday, July 30, at the Gothic Theatre) were already featured on the band's last two releases, A Sky Underground EP and Live at Twist and Shout. Luckily for avid listeners, these tunes definitely deserve an encore. Familiar reprises like "Lost Boys" and "Dead as a Dead Man's Bones" showcase a somber and desolate tone not initially associated with the group, while new songs like "Any Way But Slow" feature twisting three-part harmonies so sugary-sweet they could lovingly rot teeth away. Earnest and entrancing, this band is capable of bringing up a cavalcade of emotions you can only hope to experience again and again.


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