Patrick Dethlefs plays at Swallow Hill, Friday, June 8

While it's true that nearly every corner of folk-inspired music has been explored ad infinitum, Patrick Dethlefs (due at Swallow Hill on Friday, June 8) doesn't sound like he's trying to be Bob Dylan, Townes Van Zandt, Richard Thompson or Nick Drake.Maybe he worked his way through those influences early on, learned what he could and forged ahead to craft music through which he speaks as himself. Still in his early twenties, Dethlefs sings with the authority and emotional richness of someone a decade older. His EP with the Eye and the Arrow earlier this year was brimming with promise, and his new album, Fall & Rise, with its luminous melodies, emotional intimacy and hushed grace, is the kind of debut upon which careers are launched. (Stop by for a full Q&A with Dethlefs.)


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