Patrick Porter returns to Denver

If you've missed the off-the-wall art and music of Patrick Porter, rejoice -- the prodigal weirdo returns! After a year on the East Coast, Porter is returning to Denver to pick up his musical explorations and record two already-written albums. Word is he'll be working with members of the Vitamins, the Manxx, Little Fyodor and Apples In Stereo, among others, on the projects.

The records are tentatively titled Frozen Fish LP and As Sure as Sparks Fly Upward, which should be reassure everyone that Porter hasn't lost his odd edge. He's also planning a large, freeform "Soopergroup" (sic) called Patrick Porter and Ten Mil Horses, presumably to play live gigs around town. No word on his exact date of arrival home yet, but something tells us we'll know when he gets here, as things will instantly become a little weirder...


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