Paul Oakenfold spins on June 4 at Beta

It probably seems strange to old-school ravers that when Paul Oakenfold last played Denver (in November of last year), he spun his set at the Ogden. A decade ago, Oakenfold might have been playing to a sold-out Fillmore crowd — or at a massive with tens of thousands of party-goers — but times change, and so do tastes; the towering trance god of yesteryear apparently doesn't pull in the people like he used to. Still, considering the fact that Oakenfold's musical career stretches back to the late 1970s, he's not yet completely irrelevant. (One of his most recent studio albums, 2008's Not Over, pretty much says it all in the title.) He's been working with Madonna and scoring films, playing the occasional party and holding down a residency in Las Vegas over the past few years, and on Saturday, June 4, you'll hear him broadcast over Beta's superb sound system — an intimate showcase that once would have been unimaginable but now seems like the perfect place for him.


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