Paul Vee memorialized this weekend

Paul Vee memorialized this weekend

There will be no shortage of tears shed or beers drank this weekend, as Paul Vee is memorialized. Just over a month ago, the revered former frontman of Angellic Rage was murdered in a bungled robbery attempt in Las Vegas, where he was living most recently. His death sent shock waves throughout town, felt especially by members of the mid-'90s metal scene -- enough to inspire a cast of musicians (including some who are coming out of retirement) to get together tomorrow night at the Buffalo Rose to remember him and pay their respects.

Tomorrow night's bill will feature the original and latter members of Angellic Rage with Ted Fiorino on vocals, the original line-up of Corruption and Horse. A private vigil for Vee will be held the following night for his closest friends and family, culminating in show dubbed "Friends of Paul Vee" on Monday night at Herman's Hideaway featuring Assault, Old Man Stu and the Hippie Werewolves.

To steal a phrase from the late Freddy Fender, wherever you are, brother... -- Dave Herrera

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