Paw Paw

This debut solo album from former Woodsman drummer Eston Lathrop reveals that Lathrop wasn't just a talented, sensitive and tasteful percussionist in that band; he was also an active participant in creating the shimmering drones and melodies that made Woodsman so consistently fascinating. "Derail" has an otherworldly exhilaration and calm that sounds like the result of Lathrop imagining what it would be like to be a hummingbird casually partaking of nectar on a warm spring day — or to live in the constant free fall of Larry Niven's Integral Trees. "Sweet Sleep or Don't," meanwhile, is decidedly darker, evoking a nocturnal walk down the streets of a small tropical town, with exotic plants casting unfamiliar shadows and the breeze like ancient voices whispering from beyond the grave. This is future electro-tribal music at its finest.


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