Peanut Butter Wolf

The Peanut Butter Wolf born Chris Manak has been in the DJ game since the late '80s — but while he's played his share of swanky rooms around the globe since then, he's no trend-humper. He looks at the genre as an opportunity to explore as well as an excuse to dance, and his philosophy extends to his label, Stones Throw Records. Manak has kept the imprint alive for more than a decade, which would be a considerable accomplishment under any circumstances. Even better, he's used it to promote and support spinners, mixers and producers whose reputations and accomplishments sometimes outstrip their name recognition, including Madlib and the late J Dilla, of Slum Village fame. Of course, he's put out quite a few recordings and compilations under his own name, as well, with platters like Peanut Butter Breaks offering idiosyncratic beats that stick to the roof of your mouth. They're good — and good for you.


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