Pee Pee

When one of Denver's underground mainstays, the Dinnermints, dissolved a couple years back, bassist Doo Crowder fell in with a ramshackle band of players who wound up dubbing their collective Pee Pee. What began as a pastime, however, has evolved into a shifting ensemble that incorporates everything from acoustic guitar to strings, horns, theremin, accordion and saw. With the shambling élan of a folk hootenanny, Crowder and crew croon fully formed compositions alongside unglued improv, resulting in a Silver-Jews-meets-Freakwater jamboree that's short on rock-star crap and long on heart -- not to mention paeans to Pabst Blue Ribbon. The hardscrabble orchestra will fill the stage of the Larimer Lounge on Wednesday, May 10, after sets by Oblio Duo and Nate Perry. As great as the openers are, though, the audience will discover what every kindergartener already knows: Pee Pee is number one.


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