Peeping Tom

For a musician to remain relevant two decades into his career is beyond remarkable. Far too many commercially successful artists become a parody of themselves after their second or third releases. Like sonically kindred visionaries the Flaming Lips and the brilliantly eccentric Tom Waits, Mike Patton has kept his cachet by challenging his boundaries with one acclaimed project after another: Faith No More, Mr. Bungle, Tomahawk and Fantômas. His latest project, a scathing sarcastic venture dubbed Peeping Tom, finds the dexterous singer applying his melodic and thoroughly demented signature vocals in a poppier format to withering yet darkly humorous effect. Peeping Tom also features Patton collaborating with an unlikely set of partners including Norah Jones, Dan the Automator, Kool Keith, Massive Attack and Kid Koala. Considering Patton's penchant for inspired musical mayhem, there's no doubt that the execution of his live show will be worth more than a furtive glance. -- Tom Murphy


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