Peter Cincotti

The music marketplace is constantly shifting, but there always seems to be room for artists who fill certain niches: the gorgeous-pop-soulstress-with-the-five-octave-range slot, for instance, or the position of adorable teenage country warbler. Another constant? Handsome young guys who sing in the lounge-friendly style beloved by parents and grandparents everywhere. Harry Connick Jr. and Michael Bublé continue to work this territory, but they'd better watch out for Peter Cincotti. Not only is he younger than either (he's 25) and quite the looker, but he sings in a voice that's easy to take, if fairly indistinctive. He's ambitious, too, having moved from the jazzy covers of his 2003 debut to the crossover crooning of "Goodbye Philadelphia," from 2007's East of Angel Town, in a few short years. Of course, his new material doesn't venture far from the middle of the road — and that makes sense. After all, the job calls for filling the niche, not busting out of it.


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