Pezzner at City Hall

Before striking out on his own, Pezzner put in sixteen years as half of the duo Jacob London. As interesting as that act's take on house and breaks was, though, Pezzner's solo work has quickly surpassed it. His mesmeric take on deep house has quickly gained the attention and admiration of some of dance music's top talents. In just a couple of short years, he's remixed Mark Farina, Josh Wink and Mike Monday and had a number of well-received releases on Om and Freerange. His work as a DJ and as a producer is equally hypnotic and intoxicating, engaging the mind as well as the body with deft rhythms and unusual timbral arrangements. With an already impressive repertoire under his belt and more to come in the near future, Pezzner seems destined to reach the top of his field in no time. See him Thursday, May 13, at City Hall.


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