Phantom Planet

Few of those who attended Phantom Planet's June gig at the Fillmore in support of Panic at the Disco probably expected much from the band. The combo's known — if it's known at all — as the group that once featured Rushmore star Jason Schwartzman on drums (he left the fold several years ago), and for delivering "California," the damnably catchy theme to The O.C. Yet Alex Greenwald proved to be a highly enjoyable and energetic frontman whether he was leaving the stage on purpose (to wade into the crowd) or by accident (he fell off once). Moreover, material such as "Dropped" and "Do the Panic" made a considerably bigger impression than it does on the outfit's latest recording, Raise the Dead. Their enjoyable turn can't help but raise anticipation for Phantom Planet's return alongside the Morning Light, the Rocket Summer and the Secret Handshake. That's the price Greenwald must pay for exceeding expectations last time around.


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