Phil the Fan memorial show slated for Sunday, August 7 at Rockaway Tavern with twelve bands

Last month, when Phil the Fan passed away, the Denver music scene lost one of the most cherished members of our artistic community. As the overwhelming number of comments and Facebook shares of that post attest, Phil -- who would've turned sixty on August 11 - was quite beloved and will be sorely missed.

Sounds like the memorial first suggested by Steven Baker of Barstool Messiah has come together. A celebration of Phil's life and a benefit to raise money for his family is slated to take place on Sunday, August 7, at Rockaway Tavern. The show features a dozen bands, including Baker's, and kicks off at 4 p.m. and runs until close. Signed prints of the poster (pictured here and designed by Matt Blanks from 19ADD and Goy) will be on sale at Rockaway, along with collectable pins. All sales will benefit Phil's family.

Phil the Fan Memorial Show Rockaway Tavern - 08/07/11

  • Il Cattivo
  • Little Fydor and Babuska
  • Lyin' Bitch and the Restraining Orders
  • Audio Dream Sister
  • Barstool Messiah
  • Chingaso
  • Agents of Chaos
  • Action Friend
  • Rabid Ragdolls
  • Congress of the Crow
  • The Bronze
  • Goy


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