The notion of forming a band that pays tribute to an extant group might wilt your hemp, but that's precisely what the plucky lads in Phix did back in 2000. While the guys from the mother band, Phish, hung up their tie-dyes last year (after hosting a muddy and emotional farewell that drew more than 70,000 to the land of Ben and Jerry), Phix won't call it quits 'til the last hash pipe hits the clay. The Boulder-based quartet keeps the well-acclaimed vibe going by re-creating the sound and spirit of Phish's music, along with its trademark psychedelic lighting and seat-of-the-pants improvisation, which pleases the phans. "A lot of people think we can't pull it off, which is understandable, because the music is pretty difficult," says drummer Chris Sheldon. "But we play the songs well, and we do it with respect and love for the music. I think our audiences feel that as soon as they hear us." After playing more than 250 shows, it looks like Phix has got it down, phor sure. -- Nick Hutchinson


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