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Say what you want about Cricket on the Hill, but Denver's red-haired stepchild is still surviving in a town where venue promoters are more apt to go for each other's throats than join hands in a moment of silence. Ah, the Cricket, where any unwashed, unseasoned and unknown local act is welcome to plug in and let 'er rip without fear of reprisal. Even the once-pimply Apples (back before the band added "In Stereo" to its name and used a kiddie drum kit from Kmart) played its first show at the Capitol Hill dive. Sadly, the bar's co-owner, Chris Rawles, a man who's supported Denver's music scene for years, was recently diagnosed with leukemia. To help with mounting medical costs, friends have set aside two nights as a Benefit for Chris Rawles: Thursday, September 22, will feature Ten Cent Redemption, Brethren Fast, the Jars and Honky Raunch, while Friday, September 23, finds the Swanks, King Rat, Shoot Romeo (pictured), Band Gone Wild and Wanker taking the stage. Who said payback is a bitch?


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