Comparisons to Piers's peers are unfounded.

Piers Faccini

Singer-songwriter/visual artist Piers Faccini, who'll share the stage with Nanci Griffith during a Boulder Theater e-town taping prior to headlining at the Walnut Room several days later, is frequently likened to Jack Johnson and Ben Harper, which makes sense; JP Plunier, who produced Faccini's latest disc, Tearing Sky, has worked with both of these performers. But while Harper's music tends to be fresh and intriguing, Johnson's usual efforts sound as slack as an overused bungee cord. So whose tunes do Faccini's compositions most closely resemble? Frankly, neither. His voice is light and lofty in the English folk tradition (he's originally from London), and numbers that start quietly often stay that way (e.g., "Come the Harvest"). Fortunately, there are exceptions, including "Sharpening Bone," a languid lope that gradually develops a low-key voodoo vibe, and "Talk to Her," in which Faccini paints in a subtle yet compelling shade of blue. The more moments like these he manages, the fewer comparisons he'll require.


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