Judging by an appearance at Aspen's Belly Up earlier this year, rapper Armando Christian Pérez didn't choose the pseudonym "Pitbull" at random. As seen in a popular YouTube clip, Pitbull pulls a man on stage — but when the guy throws cash in his face, strip-club style, the star of the show knocks him back into the audience with extreme prejudice. A few seconds later, Pitbull declares, "I told that motherfucker not to do that shit no more" before adding, "I'm a nice guy." He's on a nice roll, too. His latest album, Rebelution, has spawned his two biggest hits to date: "Krazy," co-starring Lil Jon, and "I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho)," a ubiquitous banger that may finally bring an end to the question "Is that Sean Paul's new song?" The latter tune's success will undoubtedly draw a crowd to his Denver appearance with David Rush. But fans who want to make it rain on him have been warned.


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