How the hell did Placebo wind up on the high-profile Projekt Revolution tour alongside Linkin Park, My Chemical Romance, HIM, Madina Lake, Saosin, Styles of Beyond, Taking Back Sunday and the Bled? The answer most likely involves word of mouth from the right boosters at the right time. The British trio, led by Brian Molko, has been around since 1994, with singles such as the edgy, melodramatic "Nancy Boy" making an infinitely bigger impression in the U.K. than in America. Over time, however, even British support started sagging, and so did the enthusiasm of the act's longtime label, Virgin; Meds, issued early last year, was to be Placebo's final disc under its Virgin contract. Around that time, however, members of groups such as My Chem began talking up Molko and company, prompting Virgin to reissue Meds in early 2007 — and after Placebo landed the Projekt Revolution slot, the label put out Extended Play '07, a mini best-of compilation intended to introduce the group to a new generation of listeners. What a Revolutionary idea.


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