Ploy for Extinction

You know how there are certain institutional brands whose mere association serves as an unspoken endorsement? The renown is such that even a slight mention implies quality. In music, for instance: Matador's releasing the record? Oh, then it's gotta be good. Or: That guitarist is playing Orange and wearing a Hum shirt? Enough said. Flatline Audio's Dave Otero has earned this sort of name recognition. Anytime you see the metal maven's name on an album — before you crack the seal and even if you don't recognize the band — you know what you're in for: impeccably recorded metal built upon precision, razor guitars, relentless blast beats and menacing vocals from dependably precocious players. And that's precisely what you get on Ploy for Extinction's four-song EP, only with a shorter running time than desired and twice as many solos as expected.


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