Is anyone else here astounded that these two groups still have enough cachet to fill amphitheaters? Wait — allow me to revise that question: Is anyone else dumbfounded that Poison can still pack a place the size of Fiddler's? (Let's be honest: Bret Michaels and the boys are being charitable by bringing Dokken and whoever he happens to be playing with these days that's not George Lynch along on this jaunt.) Sure, this particular brand of pap metal hits the spot when you're pounding PBRs at Rockbar, but live? Couldn't Poison's annual trek really be considered an oldies revival at this point? Don't get all mad, dudes. I'm not trying to be sanctimonious about this shit — I miss the days when I didn't need nothin' but a good time, too. I'm just saying, if you've seen the band once...well, you know the rest.


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