Portugal. The Man

These days, Wasilla, Alaska, is mainly known to residents of the Lower 48 as the place where Sarah Palin served as mayor before beginning a rise to fame that's included stints as Alaska's governor, a vice-presidential nominee and the inspiration for a Tina Fey impression that's a lot funnier than she is. But Wasillans would be far better served if they were associated with some favorite sons – the members of Portugal. The Man – rather than this particular favorite daughter. Censored Colors, Portugal's latest album, has a depth and sweep that belies the players' relative youth. Take "And I," in which frontman John Baldwin Gourley and his cohorts add layer upon layer of passionate sounds to a composition that seems small-scale in the beginning but epic by the end. Joined on this bill by Earl Greyhound and Wintersleep, Portugal. The Man is much worthier of a vote than that other celebrity from the same home town.


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