How do you classify Potcheen's Take No Prisoners? One minute it's Irish punk, the next it's ska, then bluegrass and so on. It's an experience and an adventure into various musical styles — some executed better than others, but all executed well enough. Certainly the most distinguishing feature of Potcheen's music, besides the band's eclectic meandering, is the lead singer's scratchy, endearing lisp — potentially off-putting, but eventually addicting, and quirky enough to excuse occasionally awkward phrasing and a lack of pitch perfection. Potcheen's ensemble cast includes strings of all sorts — fiddle, cello, banjo — in addition to more traditional instruments, and the group shows remarkable chemistry for such a large crew. One condition for rocking with Potcheen, avowed pirate wannabes, seems to be that you must leave all severity at the door. Only those willing to engage in silly scallywaggery need apply.


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