Pretty Lights embodies its name.

Pretty Lights

Spilling Over Every Side — that's the name of Pretty Lights' latest release, and what a perfectly fitting title. Derek Vincent Smith simply doesn't stop. When we checked in with the Pretty Lights mastermind this past spring, he had just released his new EP, Making Up a Changing Mind, had sold out five consecutive dates at the Aggie, Boulder, Fox, Gothic and Ogden theaters, and announced a headlining date at Red Rocks, which has now, of course, also sold out. Since that time, Smith has crisscrossed the country playing countless shows, adding to his legion of followers. Along the way, he somehow found time to record Spilling — the second of three planned releases this year, it's available for free download on the Pretty Lights website — and break in a new drummer. If you haven't experienced Pretty Lights live, trust us: You should make it a priority. Smith puts on one of the most captivating shows you'll see this year — and you'll dance your ass off.


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