Pretty Thigh

So I say to my editor, "How about this Pretty Thigh band?" He turns, looks down at me (because I'm shorter) and, blunt like a cigar, the dude replies, "I'm hip," and "I like them." And it's true. He is hip. But even more, Pretty Thigh is a band to like, and to like a lot. The four-piece screeches female vocals against spastic electronic nonsense and harried hi-hat/snare schizophrenia. Song titles are Locust-style clever -- as in "I am Lindsey Lohanded" -- and the lyrics are nearly indecipherable. Comparisons reach even more obscure depths when the closest contemporaries include acts like Illinois-based Lazer Mountain or English soul-mates Comanechi. Making accessible, easily digestible mainstream hoo-hah? Pssh. Pretty Thigh is too cool for that, and we love them all the more for it. Wreak the havoc Wednesday, May 31, at Monkey Mania when Pretty Thigh teams up with Year Future (from GSL records, featuring that lovable Sonny Kay).


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