Momentarily abandoning her rock roots, former Ghost Buffalo singer Marie Litton leads her dark-folk three-piece PrettyMouth on its debut album, Satan in Clothes. Here Litton lays bare the personal gloom she's endured over the years, packaging all of it in songs with a '90s acoustic simplicity wrapped in musically rich instrumentation. Songs like "Morning Terrors" and "Sinisterly" deliver an itchy anxiety, illustrating beautifully the relentlessness of an unsettled mind. Even when the album picks up the tempo, as in "Panic Tears," we are still left to deal with lyrics that convey a disturbing internal conflict: "I can tell you are no stranger/But you wear that mask so well/So you're at my door/Begging me this time, it's different than before," a sentiment augmented by the line "God loves a fool who keeps believing," from the lachrymose "The Devil You Know."


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