From Unadorned's balls-out opener, "Escape From the Suburbs," all the way through to the disc's bonus cut, CCR's "Have You Ever Seen the Rain?," it's apparent these guys are well-schooled in the ways of '70s and '80s punk and garage rock. The garage-y "Repossession," one of the album's highlights, is a high-powered ode to Repo Man that kicks off and ends with samples from the film, while "Suipsycho" sounds like an outtake from its accompanying soundtrack. With some help from Module Overload's Jamie Hillyer, who recorded and mixed this Ramones-esque romp, and co-producer Kurt Ottaway from Overcasters, the band captured a lot of its frenetic stage energy on this recording. As Unadorned's title suggests, there aren't any frills to be had here, just raw power.


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