Prime Element

On Welcome to the Future, Prime Element is a finely tuned old-school hip-hop machine, equal parts lyricism, musicality and swaggering flair. As the only MC, A.V.I.U.S. may be the assumed face of the group, but Prime Element believes that each member speaks through his medium, and Welcome to the Future is most certainly a conversation, not a monologue. In addition to A.V.I.U.S.'s well-crafted lyrics, which are neither overly simplistic nor overwrought, Es Nine's production is a practice in full composition rather than a continuous loop of one catchy melody, which shows his respect for music as an art rather than an industry. DJ Cysko Rokwel brings the project to another level with thin cuts of nostalgia taken from the era that inspired the group. Welcome to the Future might seem like an odd name for an EP that so readily recalls the '90s, particularly so long after the golden age has ended, but perhaps Prime Element never saw the future of hip-hop as anywhere but here.


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