Prism Waves

The title track of Courage, the new Prism Waves EP, establishes an overarching aesthetic of melancholic yearning, which can be heard not just in the plaintive singing, but in the way the guitar notes are plucked, arranged and paced. The song sounds like something the Cure might have done for Faith, if it had come after bands like Slowdive and the Cocteau Twins gave moody, atmospheric melodies a new vocabulary. The sound of Courage also suggests that bandmembers Jordan Hubner and Zale Hassler were inspired by the nostalgic haziness of Phil Spector productions; more lo-fi than the live show, these recordings have an undeniable charm and warmth. "Heavy" recalls the emotional resonance of Beach House's Devotion, while the ethereal "I Am Now" has a tranquil feel that suggests what it would be like to lie back on a cloud, floating under a sea of stars and contemplating the universe.


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