ProCyse and Fo Chief

Nothing Else Matters, the impressive mixtape collaboration between ProCyse (Soulfficial) and Fo Chief (Fresh Breath Committee), showcases some great writing and stellar lyrics. The seven original joints here — there are ten tracks in all — show off each MC's diverse flow and concepts. ProCyse tends to stay in the lane of ambition, motivation and inspiration, leaving the grittier themes to Fo Chief. On opener "Breathe In," which features fellow FBC crooner Paul Junior, the two offer an easy introduction of what to expect from the album — namely, well-placed features (see McBig House on "Perseverance") and a notable amount of rhythmic versatility, particularly on cuts like "On Everything," where Fo Chief's hook shines. The guys are appropriately confident to the point of being cocky on "Take Over," one of the tape's more verbally sophisticated tracks. Filled with rappers galore and phat beats, Nothing Else Matters is a steady collection of words and sounds well worth a listen or two.


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