Project Aspect

Project Aspect has dropped a remix album every year since 2011, and each one shows his diverse taste in music. Remixes Vol.3 is no exception. The producer has honed his glitch-staccato sound, and it's noticeable on the opening track (his take on Lil Flip's "Game Over"), but not nearly as much as on his stab at "Another Brick in the Wall" and "All That She Wants." And "EHM," the remixed STS9 track, is done so well that it would not be lost at a set break for the band. What's more, in proper remix form, it maintains Sound Tribe's signature touchstones, but with the added flavor of Project Aspect. The Justin Timberlake and Baby Bash tracks feel a little misplaced, but then again, Clint Mansell's "Lux Aeterna" is turned completely upside down — proof that no one is out of Aspect's reach.


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