Project Aspect

On Hyperspace, Jay Jaramillo's fourth 1320 release as Project Aspect, he keeps things pretty status quo. On "The Beat Drops," which features fellow Mile High Sound Movement member Kruza Kid and Boss Miller, the vocals are chopped and repeated until, well, the drop. Some of the tracks seem a little long, including "Bread Maker," which clocks in at nearly ten minutes but features a dope Maino sample ("It's alright, love, I let a hater hate") aimed at any would-be critics. "Wojamabober" keeps the party going with a head-nodding beat and vocal build, but that momentum gets lost a few tracks later on "Extra Fly," where things get sort of jumbled. Trimming these weaker tracks could take away from the feel of the album, but it could also help hold the listener's attention a bit better. Jaramillo's take on music may be evolving with each release, especially with his now-abundant reliance on bass, but his style remains powerfully intact with each new album.


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