Proxy appears on Hip Hope Hits compilation, booked for Heavenfest

Whatever your religious beliefs may be, you can't deny how far Christian hip-hop has come over the years, musically and lyrically.Colorado rapper Proxy is part of the new generation of MCs with a Christian focus, although he probably shuns such labels. (It's just hip-hop, right?) The MC recently had one of his songs, "My," featuring Verbs and Stefan the Scientist, added to the compilation Hip Hope Hits 2009, which also includes a cast of well-known Christian artists such as TobyMac (DC Talk), Grits, Braille, KJ-52, Pigeon John and others. Proxy will also share the stage this summer with such Christian-rock luminaries as Third Day, Skillet and Kutless as part of the lineup for this year's Heavenfest. Other hip-hop acts on the bill include Flame and Tedashii. In the meantime, Proxy is working on his third album. He's keeping that one under lock and key, but we've posted a few other cuts after the jump.


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