Psychic Reality

A cursory listen to Psychic Reality will leave you with the impression that this outfit is part of the strand of the neo-lo-fi aesthetic exemplified by artists part of, and formerly part of, the Siltbreeze label. And just like those artists, the music translates with greater clarity in the live setting. The act's leading light, Leyna Noel, is perhaps better known for her work as an experimental pop artist with the Finer Things, in which she's joined by drummer Bianca Sparta of Erase Errata. This project has ostensibly less musical clarity, but it reflects that side of Noel's songwriting where she blurs and distorts the edges into a compelling imperfection. Indeed, Psychic Reality's songs sound as though they're passing through the barrier between sleep and consciousness — indistinct yet unmistakable, gloriously primal and hypnotic.


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