Punisher, aka Michelle Herrmann, spins December 10 at 2200

You might expect an artist with a name like Punisher to be a big man with an attitude, but that's not the only surprise musician Michelle Herrmann has in store for those unfamiliar with her. The Detroit techno impresario began her career in 1993, at the tender age of fifteen, and launched the seminal Seismic Records — now a strong international label — five years later. Herrmann has stayed on the cutting edge of electronica without ever allowing herself to be pegged as merely a cute female DJ. What you can expect from her is a blend of underground techno and funky beats that you'll hear only from Punisher herself. She's played with an array of top names in techno, and on Saturday, December 10, you can catch her with local favorites Seth Nichols, Greg Eversoul, Nutmeg, John Templeton, Scott Everett, Kevin Callison and Rob Gray at 2200.


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