Pure Sunshine II, with Spell and '57 Lesbian, at the Bluebird March 2

Back in the mid-'90s, with the Fluid in limbo after the release of Glue and Roadmouth, Matt Bischoff found himself yearning to get back to playing regularly. He discovered that his friends Dave Stewart, a former bandmate in the Frantix, and Chanin Floyd, who had recently left Twice Wilted, were available. Their mutual love of simple, blunt and to-the-point rock and roll jelled when the three of them jammed together in what became the first incarnation of '57 Lesbian (pictured). After some lineup changes, including Floyd's departure to focus on Spell, the band went on permanent hiatus, with Bischoff becoming involved with Boss 302. '57 Lesbian (joined by Spell) will play at Pure Sunshine II — a show to benefit the twin sons of the late, great Ricky Kulwicki – at the Bluebird this Friday, March 2, and you can bet there will be no skimping on the primal vitality for which this band was known.


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