Qknox's self-titled beat tape is an extravaganza of skills: finessing keys, chopping samples and programming tight rhythms. The producer effortlessly blends jazz and hip-hop, fusing them with more experimental, post-Dilla wonky futurism to create something that's equal parts chill and bouncy. While his passion for crate-digging is evident on cuts like "Experiencia" and "Water," there's less of the strictly sample-driven style found on his Pam Grier, Coffy & Foxy Brown tape: Melodies are more often played on synths or classic jazz organs and iced by spacey washes. Alongside original instrumentals are a handful of tunes by Danny Brown, Quiz, Gucci Mane and Little Dragon, among others, demonstrating how Qknox's tastes play out with other acts. The Little Dragon remix, "Somebody," is a highlight, with Q imparting some bouncy G-funk soul to the original. From the deep exhale of relaxing low-key grooves to anxious, blunted paranoia, these twenty tracks offer a little of everything.


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