For those in search of a chill soundtrack to fight the summer heat, the prolific Qknox has delivered right on time. From back-room, cool-jazz musings to pulsing, post-Dilla neck-snappers, the eight tracks that make up On a Remote Frequency Outpost in Space deliver across the spectrum of beat-driven possibility. The range of influences the producer pulls into the mix is crazy, from indie electro to jazz to various strains of hip-hop. "TheGameHasChanged" combines repurposed chunks of piano and crisp bites of percussion into a contemplative loop that fits alongside the late-night gems of DJ Shadow's Entroducing.... Meanwhile, "Leftovers" is like Godspeed You! Black Emperor without all the waiting, and "Reinforcements" drops dirty, 8-bit mayhem on top of tightly arranged drum rolls.


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